RateMyWait is now on the iOS app store!

Over a year ago, I had an idea. To be able to rate and quantify service at a restaurant based on time and level of service. I shared my idea with my best friend Dan, who then told my other best friend Aaron.

About a week later I talked to Dan and found out that Aaron wanted to help me develop the app, develop an idea that Dan had, and basically do something we always dreamed of doing: Starting our own company.

More about that in another post 🙂 back to RateMyWait!

After about a year of working on it, changing directions, adding functionality, and improving the overall experience, we finally created something that we’re all proud of. We hope you like it.

RateMyWait is a best-in-class tip timer and restaurant experience-based tip calculator. Use it to decide what restaurant to visit based on wait times for a table and average wait for food! You can also tip based off of metrics built within the app so you always feel like you’re giving the tip that a server deserves, quantified by RateMyWait. Download it for free!

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

An Android version of RateMyWait will be available soon!

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